Taking the Gospel message outside the four walls


    Prerequisites for Live Streaming, TV, & Archive




I.   Proper Computer Workstation

              a.    Fire-Wire or USB 2 specially designed for video streaming

              b.    Intel Dual Core 3.2 GHz processor or above

              c.    2GB Memory or above

              d.    At least 160 GB Hard drive or above


II.  Proper Recording Equipment

              a.    Camcorder: Fire-wire or USB enabled, Audio\Video Output specially designed for video streaming

              b.    Converter Device (If camera is not fire-wire enable)

              c.    Camera must have a Mic. in jack for direct recording

              d.    Beachtek DXA-2T Universal camcorderadapter.  


III.  Broadband Services

              a.    Broadband Service Requirements for Live Streaming

              b.    At least 1 mbps Upspeed (i.e. the minimum recommended speed at which contentis uploaded to the Internet)

             c.     10 mbps down speed 


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