Taking the Gospel message outside the four walls


dreamstimemaximum 28440749 Why Stream?






Extend Your Reach through Online Evangelism

  • Reach members who are unavailable to attend regular sermons
  • Reach out to new visitors
  • Attract the attention of this generation already present on the web
  • Deliver your members' favorite sermons & teachings 24/7 


Powerful Tool

  • Host Online Bible study groups
  • Create media crews to engage youth through technology
  • Host virtual youth groups without the hassle of transportation


Simple to Use

  • No need for costly studios or support staff
  • Members can access videos with a click of a mouse
  • Technical support to assist with streaming services


Increase Church Revenue

  • Draw more members to your Services
  • Online Tithes and Offerings
  • Welcome in new guests and stay connected to those that have moved away
  • 24/7 Marketing