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KN Streaming Services

church svcsKN Streaming understands that some ministries are just getting started, while others are established and well-known. We offer packages that fit every need, because when it comes down to it, our main concern is to see the Gospel being spread. Among our many packages, for those who are just getting up and running, we offer a "Pay-As-You-Go" plan. This is a starter plan that allows you to host your videos and pay only as your members watch. Your price increases only if your viewers do! Storage is included.

Streaming offers you a multitude of options; however, one thing that is not negotiable is the uptime and instantaneous viewing capabilities that we provide. Your viewers shouldn't have to wait, and you shouldn't either. When you call KN Streaming, our highly experienced staff is available to assist you and provide you the kind of service that you deserve. Our Content Delivery Network is run off of servers that are located all throughout the country, ensuring constant uptime and uninterrupted streaming services. KN Streaming is an Adobe certified partner, offering you services grounded in integrity, and products based on quality.




2 Broadcast 24/7

2 Customized player page

2 Archive included

2 100% Ad Free

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On Demand



2 Create your own broadcast channel

2 Easy to update play lists

2 24/7 access to mulitmedia

2 100% Ad Free

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2 Pay-As-You-Go

2 Custom Video Library

2 True video streaming

2 Easy upload

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