Taking the Gospel message outside the four walls


KN Streaming Inc. is excited to introduce our business and ministry to the families of faith. We are a company dedicated and determined to solely help Christian Organizations reach, draw, and increase in the area of ministry. Our company has collectively been serving in the ministry for thirty-eight years and over fifteen years of experience in the technology arena.

Our goal is to ensure every church has the opportunity to reach the world through the use of technology. KN Streaming has a heart for lost souls and churches that are lost in the technology world. We are a company that desires to see the body of Christ united as one and break down the walls of denominations, race and other things that hinder. It is our mission to empower all Christian Faith-based organizations to extend their reach through streaming technology, and teach young people the skills to be successful in a global, technology-driven world. 

It is our mission to provide churches and faith based organizations with effective Internet Evangelism tools that are affordable, reliable, and simple. We provide streaming services both "Live" and "On Demand", website design, Advertisement and web hosting. We provide everything necessary to extend each individual vision and take the message outside of the four walls.


Meet Our Team

cora bioCora Collins is the founder and president of KN Streaming Inc. Cora has her degree in Business Administration from City University. She also has her Associate degree in Information Technology. Cora has a strong background in technology with over 15 years of experience. Cora's strengths in technology are network infrastructure, desktop system administration, web management, media server and system administration. Cora has worked as a system administrator and help desk analyst at several organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, Boeing and Microsoft.

In addition, Cora was raised within the church sector learning the ends and outs of how church business runs, both in-reach and outreach. Cora has been working in ministry for over 20 years. Her heart and passion is to empower young people to exceed in every aspect of their life.


jonJonathan Brown is the vice president of KN Streaming and the head of our sales team and partnership program. He is passionate concerning the advancement of the Kingdom and seeing the ministries for Christ expand. Jonathan was raised within the church and has been serving in the ministry for over 14 years. Jonathan has the heart of a servant and desires to serve the church in whatever capacity needed. This is why KN Streaming is not only a business to him but a part of the ministry.



Estelle Brown is our administrative professional and the heart of our customer’s service team. She is passionate about people and seeing needs met. She is also our web and graphic designer. Estelle will be completing her bachelor's degree in Creative writing with a minor in Africana Studies in the year 2013. She is passionate about educating youth and serving wherever needed.